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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does an ATM help increase my sales and help scale my business? There are many benefits of having an ATM in your business, such as decreasing or eliminating processing fees, providing your customers access to their cash, generating foot traffic, and creating a source of passive income each month from commission on surcharge profits. 

  • Does the ATM get bolted to the flooring? Yes.

  • Do you require the ATM to be bolted to the flooring? For ATM Placements in businesses, yes. For temporary ATM Placements at events, no. 

  • If the ATM is removed, who repairs the holes in the flooring and how? Metahawk LLC is not responsible for any flooring repair.

  • If a customer or the business has an issue with the ATM, who do I call, who is going to fix the problem, and how soon will it be fixed? If the problem is a dispute with a transaction or a related issue, the cardholder should be directed to contact the bank that issued the card they used for the ATM transaction. If the problem is an on-screen error, hardware issue, etc. the business should contact Metahawk LLC directly via phone, text, or email, or call 1-888-275-2864 Ext 2. Metahawk LLC or a certified technician will repair the ATM. Depending on what the problem is, how soon the problem can be resolved may be determined upon access to customer support with our processor or ISP, part availability, shipping times, and availability of Metahawk LLC or a certified technician.

  • Is the ATM my business is getting new or used? We buy our ATMs brand new, but there are instances where we move them. So in some cases a business may receive a newer model ATM that is used, but is still fully functional and EMV compliant.

  • Do you allow people to buy crypto with your ATMs? No.

  • Do your ATMs accept EBT cards? Yes.

  • How much of the surcharge fee do I get? The surcharge fee commission you receive is based off the term of contract you choose. See the next FAQ for our contract options.

  • Do I have to sign a contract? If so, how long is the contract? Yes. We have multiple contract options ranging from 1 year to 5 years. 

  • Do I get profits from every successful surcharged transaction? No. Metahawk LLC does not share any profit with the business until after the first 30 successful surcharged transactions of each month. 

  • What models of ATMs do you currently offer? Hyosung Halo 2.

  • Who is your processor? Columbus Data Services.

  • Who refills the ATM and whose money does the ATM get filled with? We refill the ATM(s) using our own vault cash.

  • I would like 50% of the surcharge profits monthly. How do I get that amount? Metahawk LLC is able to offer 50% of the surcharge profits monthly if the business is willing to use their own money for the vault cash and refill the ATM when needed.

  • What is your lead time? Depending on our inventory, our lead times vary between 1 day and 1 month. Current lead time is 1 day.

  • Are your ATMs EMV compliant? Yes.

  • What kind of cards do you accept? Any and all debit or credit cards issued by Mastercard, VISA, Pulse, Maestro, PLUS, UnionPay, Cirrus, NYCE, Discover, STAR, AFFN, American Express, Quest, Diners Club, Accel, Culiance Network, and Shazam, and EBT cards.

We are always updating this list. Last updated: 11/07/21 06:12 PM PST. 

For more information please call 1-503-867-9139 or send us a message.

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